Fake Japanese brand kitchen knives on Amazon.com

I was browsing Amazon and found an obvious fake brand product.

This product, which claims to be a Jikko brand premium kitchen knife, looks strange to me, a Japanese person.

First of all, there is indeed a Jikko knife store in Osaka, Japan. The following URL is the official website (in English version).


However, jikko knives are not sold on Amazon. Also, "Jikko" is usually written in kanji (i.e. 實光), not hiragana. If it is written in hiragana, it should be "じっこう", not "じっこ".

And the logo of the official site and the one of the Amazon product are completely different.

The Amazon reviews for this product seem to be highly positive, but I am not sure if these reviews are reliable or not.

There are so many fake Japanese style brand knives available on Amazon.

If you want to buy the real thing, I recommend you check the authentic brands on the following page.

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