Recommended Japanese Knives for Vegetarians/Vegans

In Japan, there is a type of knife that is suitable for cutting vegetables. It is called a nakiri knife (meaning a knife for cutting vegetables).

There are many nakiri knives available on, but most of them are not Japanese knives, but similar ones made in China.

The following is a list of authentic Japanese nakiri knives that I have found.

But in reality, not many people in Japan use nakiri knives. This is because it cannot be used for all purposes. Even with a nakiri knife, you can’t cut hard squash.

The most common type of kitchen knife used in Japanese households is the santoku knife. It has characteristics that are somewhere between a Western-style kitchen knife (called a gyuto in Japan) and a nakiri knife.

The santoku knives can be used for cutting vegetables and as an all-purpose knife.

Therefore, if I were to recommend only one knife for vegetarians and vegans, I would recommend a santoku knife.

The Japanese Santoku kitchen knives I recommend are as follows: